MMMaster in Management (hereinafter called MM) at Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Lampung (MM-FEB Unila) is one of the graduate programs under Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Lampung. The establishment of MM-FEB Unila was initiated by Dean of the Economics Faculty, the University of Lampung in August 1998. Then, Dean appointed the Team to set establsihement Proposal. Finally, the approval of establsihement of MM-FEB Unila was legalized under the decree of Directorat Jendral of Higher Education on April 14, 2000, as stated in table below.

MM-FEB Unila is managed by a head of the program and secretary under supervised by head of management departement, and the head of the program is responsible to Dean of Economics and Business.

As long as its establishment, MM-FEB Unila has the distinguished research and academic which is measured by the number of research and academic activities, conducted by the MM’s lectures. The research activities are published in some accredited and not accredited journal either in International or National Publication that can be seen in table below. MM-FEB Unila recently occupied 19 lecturers who have education and working skill’s background related with master program in management with maximum working load 36 hours a week.

MM-FEB Unila program offers 2 majors: Business Management, and Regional Finance and Public Management. Business Management major consists of three concentrations:  (1) Marketing Management, (2) Financial Management, (3) Human Resources Management. Regional Finance and Public management major consists of one concentration: Regional Finance and Public Management. The students can finish this program until 8 Semester (the maximum length of study), 3 Semester (the minimum length of study) and not including students postpones.

MM-FEB Unila program sees the student candidates’ needs that need to improve their skills and well professional education through master program of management especially in Lampung, because of the increasing number of job opportunity in the company. So, MM-FEB Unila since its establishment has a commitment to fulfill their needs along with MM’s vision and mission, as a centre of Excellent Learning and Applied Research for creating professional leaders and entrepreneurs. In line with this, MM-FEB Unila provides the academic facilities and equipments to assure the best quality learning achievement.