Doctoral and Master Program Seminar and Colloquium

Master of Management Program Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung will hold Doctoral and Master Colloquium with theme “Research Methodology Paradigm and Its Application in Business Practice”. The event will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at G Building Postgraduate FEB Unila

The event is aimed to improve their knowledge of methodology and scientific research. This event will be divided into two parts. The first session is a seminar session that will be attended by Bpk. B.M. Purwanto, Ph.D as a keynote speaker. The second session is a parallel session that will be guided by two reviewers who come from their advisors and independent reviewers.

The Participants are from Doctoral and Masters Program students at FEB Unila. In addition, the colloquium participants must have a research proposal and or research result to be presented at the time of colloquium. For the seminar sessions, the participants are the lecturers and the students of Doctoral and Masters programs at FEB Unila. The deadline for submission of proposals is 23 October 2017. This event is a series of events to follow up ABEST21’s international accreditation visitation.