Guest Lecturer : Dr. Willy Abdillah, S.E.,M.Sc.


Information Systems is one of the topics that experience rapid and dynamic development. Therefore, it needs updated the latest insights so that students can pursue and utilize the development of such information to improve their competence. On Friday and Saturday, 20 and 21 October 2017, the MM FEB Unila Study Program invites Dr. Willy Abdillah to fill the material “Information System Network”. In the lecture Dr. Willy demonstrates the Information Management system networking application to optimize organizational and corporate goals. MM FEB Unila students get insight about the implementation of Management Information System in real business, so as to give a good and comprehensive picture for the students.The MM FEB Unila Study Program regularly and scheduled to invite guest lecturers from reputable universities and business practitioners who are competent in their respective fields to provide the latest business insight to the students. This is done with the hope that students and graduates of MM FEB Unila Study Program can excel in the competition, both in their respective business and in the industry where they work.