Guest Lecturer : Prof. Basu Swastha Dharmmesta


On Friday and Saturday, 20 and 21 October 2017, MM FEB Unila Study Program has invited Prof. Basu Swastha Dharmmesta to fill the lectures of students of Marketing Strategy courses. FEB lecturer of Gadjah Mada University, who is also a business consultant, entrepreneur and art worker has been loyal to teach at MM FEB Unila since 2001. At that meeting, Prof. Basu Swastha Dharmmesta provides “Customer and Market Driven Strategy” material. Students enthusiastically attend the lectures because Mr. Basu, his nickname, gives the lecture material attractively and uses real case examples in the implementation of marketing strategies in business.

The MM FEB Unila Study Program regularly and scheduled to invite guest lecturers from reputable universities and business practitioners who are competent in their respective fields to provide the latest business insight to the students. This is done with the hope that students and graduates of MM FEB Unila Study Program can excel in the competition, both in their respective business and in the industry where they work.